Hey there, I'm Karl, PhD Candidate at the Chair of Econophysics and Complex Systems, programmer, and enthusiastic learner (currently Jazz guitar). My mission here is to share what I learn about Agent-based modelling in economics, including the why, who, what, and how. As well as what I read and learn about learning itself.

Why Agent Econ?

My aim with Agent Econ is to share what I have learned about the empirics and mechanics of Agent-based Modelling (ABM) for Macroeconomics. As a fast-growing interdisciplinary field in Economics, Agent-based modelling is a great tool to study economic dynamics at all levels, from individuals to countries. On this page, you will find the synthesis of my reading and research on ABM, which hopefully provides an easier entry into the various aspects of ABM.

Who am I?

Academically, I have undergraduate degrees in both Econometrics and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. After that I obtained my Master in Financial Economics from the University of Oxford.

I love to code (Python), read (books about learning, philosophy, and a lot of science fiction), and spend time in the outdoors (unfortunately, city-living makes that slightly harder). I am also learning Jazz guitar and regularly play Chess.