This is a collection of all the references, tools, tips and techniques I come across in my PhD. Its split into two sections: (1) References related to Agent-based Modelling and (2) Tools, tips and techniques that help me in academia.

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References for Agent-Based Modelling

Introductions and the Big Picture

Why we need Agent-based modelling:

Recent literature reviews:

Empirical Validation

My references for everything recent I have found on ABM

In a recent post I downloaded all the citations related to Agent-based Modelling from EconLit. I have also added a wide selection of empirical work and other sources I have read or will read. Upload coming soon (once I figure out how to share this easily)

Research Tools, Tricks and Techniques

Communicating with researchers and advisors

Throughout my research I come up with ideas (mostly while reading and writing). Naturally not all are good (most are rubbish), however there are some deserving of communicating with an advisor or potential co-author. To do so efficiently and in limited time requires a good structure. The one I have found to be very effective is that of Robert Faff:

Writing for economics

Digital tools like latex editors, markdown editors, and even this blog, have made writing a much smoother experience. I personally use overleaf or TeXstudio most of the time. BUT none of this tells us what we should write, much less whether for economic journals the structures are at all useful. Some links for writing and structuring research papers:

Sources and Citations

I am an avid user of Zotero with the Zutilo, Zotfile, and BetterBibtex plugins. I also use the Chrome extension to automatically add to my library which I now store on dropbox so I can access it from home, the office, and on the go. All of this has made collecting literature reviews a breeze.